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Annie Pho: Reaching Out to Our Non-Users


Outreach is an integral part of bringing in new library users, and marketing the wonderful services the library provides. This year, I’d like to learn about creative and unique ways libraries reach out to people who do not normally use the library. Currently, my university has an initiative to help students from underrepresented groups succeed academically, with a focus on the first-year. The library plays a very important role in this, but not all students come to college with the skills necessary to do well and they don’t always see the library as central to their academic success. How can the library help them develop these skills? What can we do to better market our services and resources?

I look forward to learning from everyone and seeing what kind of things they do for library outreach!

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Annie Pho – academic librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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  1. Sonia H

    I do believe the same.
    The academic library is a place to complete the academic formation for those students that need as much as they can from academic staff, including of course, us librarians =)

    Congratulations Annie for your efforts.

    Best, Sonia.

  2. Annie Pho is amazing!

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