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Andrey Leutin: Measuring library effectiveness in a digital epoch


My name is Andrey Leutin, I am from regional scientific library of Chelyabinsk, Russia, (a 2013-meteorite city).

We all have to plan our future and set the goals to reach. We all have to report the results of our work to estimate our effectiveness. It was not too much a problem earlier – a number of readers visited, a number of books loaned, a number of events organized. But now, what can you count as a good result? A 10,000 likes in Facebook? 500 daily visitors of the library’s site? 300 readers in a town with 3,000 inhabitants? Or 5 readers who were able to find a job last week using library services? Which library is more effective and more deserve of funding?

Obviously, there is no single criterion – there should be a list of them; but then, what are the weights of each? And should they be permanent, or could be changed according to current needs of society?

See you soon!

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