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Riina Kuivalainen: E-materials – threat and possibility?


Good Evening! Bonsoir!

My name is Riina Kuivalainen. I come from Finland, little city called Mikkeli. I have worked in The National Library of Finland as digitizer and I have studied Digital archiving and preservation. That’s why my library point of view seems to be more about archiving. I’m interested in how to save, use and share material that way it remains reliable, solid and available. Are the eletronic systems the answer? How are things in the future, example changing formats, copyrights?

In other hand people are more and more letting the searhing machines do the job and getting answer’s from first result. Also there is ebooks, e-readers, tabs etc. What is the libraries role in the future? And (im whispering) the big question: Is the printed text slowly coming to its end?

Finally I have to confess: I lost my “library love” years ago when I had my thesis done and I had enough about books! (Can you believe it??)
But happily I have found library again with my 2 year old girl 🙂 Reading is now much lighter:) Our city library is bright, cosy, welcoming place where is even allowed to make some noices 🙂 I can’t wait to see and here how things and places are in your hoods :)!

This is my first time in C4L and also my first big sport travel. Training is on and im going to do homework part 1 in this weeks end:)

Only month to go… See you all soon!

Riina K.

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