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Géraldine Zorer: how to provide a modern service for less than 1500 inhabitants?


Hello everyone, my name is Géraldine Zorer. I live at Coulombs (Eure et Loir) and work at its municipal library.

My main issue is: how can I provide a modern service with all the last technologies (tablet, numeric books…) when there are less than 1500 inhabitants? Furthermore, the library is only 50m² and the village is in a rural department.

Obstinately, the others librarian and I try to attract people, using good books as well as good food. We want to prove that culture can be spread here too, far away from cities. We want to show that sharing knowledge is something everyone can do and that the village’s library is a place to meet other people. Our library is not only a place to find information but also an important place for the social life of our village.

But our most important problem is the cost of this public service, supported by our rural village. Moreover, we have to modernize our equipment (numeric books, tablet, projector) as well as managing formation to keep on with these technologies.

“Rural & Modern”: this could be our library’s motto. But today, it’s just our goal.

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