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Dirk Bogaerts: How to adapt our communication and library services to a changing context


Hi everybody, my name is Dirk Bogaerts. I’m a librarian at Artevelde University college Ghent in Belgium. We have five library locations – I work in two of them. My subjects: education, early childhood and primary school education.

My focus is how to adapt our communication and library services to a changing context. The context we are working in is changing rapidly: new communication media, changing user profiles & user behaviour, a changing organisation, a changing information landscape, the growing importance of digital information sources, and so on… The question is: how can we adapt or anticipate to these changes, and how can we transform them into new opportunities? In order to remain relevant in an educational context, we’ll have to redefine the role of our library.

Our skills as information and content managers can be useful when we look for new services. New skills will be necessary for the library staff, – but more than ever we’ll have to look for closer collaboration with other partners within or outside the organisation. Communication with our (potential) customers is essential. In our communication strategy, we try to integrate the interesting opportunities created by the variety of new (social) media. They also create new challenges: how to keep telling a coherent, integrated story with a diversity of media.

One more specific problem: how can we offer meaningful library services to an ‘off-library’ campus?

Looking forward to meet, to share, to exchange…


See you soon!


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