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Maria Khudoborodova: How can design and environment make work in library easier (for customers and for staff)?


Hello everyone! My name is Maria Khudoborodova. I work in regional scientific library (Chelyabinsk, Russia). I’m a graphic designer and I’m interested in everything that is connected with design, decoration, illustration and other arts.

Some people don’t think about it, but design plays a big role in our life: everywhere are advertising, signs, indicators, showcases, print ads etc. Everything that surrounds us – affects us (helping us or quite the reverse). My task – is making simple design in the library, that can help to navigate in the library space and bring the attention of important information. Library design should be simple, funtional and understandable to everyone.
So, I’m interested in experience of foreign libraries designs: original ideas, colour zoning (furniture, for example), corporate Identity, prints materials and other things that can makes our life better 🙂


Good luck, see you!

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