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Bénédicte Fauvet-Messat & Anne Réty: In an immaterial information context, what about physical collections and new skills to develop?


Hi everybody, we are Bénédicte Fauvet-Messat (left) & Anne Réty (right). We are both librarians at the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon, in the district of la Croix-Rousse. Bénédicte is in charge of the new Music collection, and Anne of Arts and DVD collections.

At a time where knowledge is becoming immaterial, and is being spread and shared on the Internet at fast speeds, how can libraries justify growing and shining a light on their collections so they remain of interest to the public? What if the challenge no longer lied in the collections themselves but rather in services, be it marketed events, more welcoming facilities, or ease of access to said collections (no longer offering on-site access only). What new set of skills do professionals need to develop ?

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We’re trying our best to achieve Homework#1… !

Looking forward to see you all !!!

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