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Denis A. Tereshin: How can libraries make the literature easier accessible for the reader?


Dear librarians & cycling lovers, my name is Denis A. Tereshin. I work at the department of Applied mechanics, dynamics and strength of machines of the South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk city, Russia.

An issue from the viewpoint of the reader: how can libraries make the literature easier accessible for the reader? There are several separate big and small libraries in our city. Some of them are specialized. When last year I wanted to get one recently published book in the University library, unfortunately, I could not found it in the catalogue. I did not like to go to another library and register there, so I had to buy the book. I wish the libraries would form a network, so that the reader could order a book kept in the big store of a big library form a subsidiary located near his home. Of course such a library network could have different scales: over a city, over a region,…

Looking forward to seeing you!

Denis Tereshin

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