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Lisa Hardy: Alternate service delivery and the library experience


Hi Everyone, I am Lisa Hardy, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I work for Calgary Public Library and I am just transitioning into a new role in Public Facilities Design.

I live in a big and rapidly growing city where we are looking at strategies to ensure that everyone has the service they need and want, even in communities that have not had a library built yet. And in our existing buildings, when our open hours are often not enough to fit into people’s busy lives; how can we provide a library experience to visitors to our buildings even when those buildings are closed? I am interested in ways that interactive technology or alternate service deliveries can help us provide service, an experience, and connection to others where we have no “library” and in our physical locations even when they are closed. We are currently planning for an “open” library which will be located in a busy recreation and community centre and will open in 2017.

I would like to have some conversations about the service delivery model in that library.

Looking forward to seeing friends and meeting new ones in France!

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