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Claudia Serbanuta: Managing libraries towards change


I am Claudia Serbanuta (in the picture with Traian), a doctoral candidate, Graduate School of Library of Information Science, University of Illinois.

I have been recently part of a conversation about how one can bring change into a traditional library. The context is one where access to management positions has been very difficult and (often times) political. This makes innovation and change in general very hard to implement in these libraries.

As there is hope that new managers will be hired for these libraries, I started to think about what skills would they need to bring to the table in order to be able to produce meaningful change? So I am interested to learn about your experiences with/as managers that produce change in your library. How important is for new managers to have a good understanding of their library and a vision of where the library can go? How should they communicate this vision to the staff of the library and the community? What are some productive ways of dealing with resistance to change?

In the big picture of bringing change to the library what is more valuable: having a vision of what that library can be or having managerial experience?

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