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Jukka Pennanen: Library as a publishing venue for local and small editions literature


Hi, my name is Jukka Pennanen and I’m currently working in the National library of Finland, Helsinki.

My heart beats perhaps more for public libraries and that’s why I’ve been concerned about the general development where – as it looks – libraries will be left fewer and fewer resources to take care their daily tasks. For a couple of years ago I found myself wondering how the traditional publishing industry overlooks lots of really valuable works, and that these works could actually be utilized in library publishing to benefit library users without distorting the balance between public services and commercial industries.

This could expand library services to a whole new area of business where – with a few exceptions – publishing has been so far eliminated virtually from all other but big editions literature. This could give public libraries the opportunity to raise their significance as an actors and advocates of literary as well as help cultural diversity and multiculturalism.

Publishing services will be offered for individuals and groups whose works do not fit into traditional publishing programs, and which for that reason would go unnoticed and be forgotten. Library’s publishing service can provide an alternative to author’s editions and serve as an opportunity for all works that are of value primarily for local or regional community (culture/traditions).

I would be delighted to discuss this with you.

See you in Montpellier!

– Jukka

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