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Anne Guégan: Changing the relationship between library staff and students


My name is Anne (don’t pronounce the “e” in French), I work at the University Library of Sciences, Technology and Sports in Poitiers (France).

My interest goes to successful experiences in improving ways to help students and researchers at the University Library. We have a counter-style desk where customers can borrow and return books, ask for refilling the copier with paper or the direction to the toilets, and of course get help in researching information, and lots more…

However, too often, students won’t come to the desk when they are lost in the shelves, when they need help on computer or need advices for their research assignments or other activities. I know there are many reasons to explain that. Sometimes, they apologize for disturbing the staff at the desk! Or they aren’t aware of the services librarians can provide to them. We need to change our ways and become more customer-oriented.

Every idea is a good one. Let’s share our best ideas and experiences.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in Montpellier and hope this unconference and advocacy campaign will be as successful as possible!


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