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Kristian Ujlaki: Library as a third space and lifelong learning


Hi, my name is Kristian Ujlaki and for 15 years I work at public library in Koprivnica, town in Croatia with about 30.000 inhabitans. I am senior librarian and I work as head of Scientific department.

I am interested in social role of modern libraries in local communities – how can we trully be recognized as third space, „living room“ and „working room“ of some communitiy? Which partners should we looking for, how to find lobbyists and how to create better public image of public libraries. We have experiences in working together with different organizations and associations of people with phisical and mental dissabilities, blind and visualy impaired people, minority groups (Roma people)… These were successful programmes and activities and our library received national and international awards for some of them. But we want to do more – especially for those groups that have problems with social inclusion.

I’m looking forward to meet everyone!


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