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Cindy van Ryn: I would like to see our libraries becoming more of a community


Hi Friends, my name is Cindy van Ryn. I am an Interior Designer and live in Toronto and joined last years trip with my cousin who is a Librarian. I had such a wonderful trip with the group last year, I had to come back!

Although I am not a librarian, I love libraries and reading. I thoroughly enjoyed touring all the different libraries and soaking in their different architecture and services. To be able to borrow things like tools, toys or art blew me away! It really opened my eyes to how libraries are really trying to become a welcoming environment in Holland and Brussels.

My local library is not as progressive. There aren’t many comfortable chairs, you can’t get a coffee or a snack and you are even discouraged from talking. You go in to grab a book (if you know what book you want) and leave.

I would like to see our libraries becoming more of a community and a place you can go to chill with a book, a lap top, or a friend. A place you choose over Starbucks, with comfortable seats and you can have latte and relax and realize more what a library has to offer, even if by chance. A place you go to visit not just to check out a book, but a place that feels as comfortable as home.

Look forward to meeting, cycling, and visiting libraries with you all!


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