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Virginie Eck: Ça veut dire quoi être bibliothécaire aujourd’hui ?


My name is Virginie Eck and I work at the public library of Lyon, France.

I’m in charge of one the 15th libraries of the city, the Saint-Jean’s library, place of the official Cyclo-biblio arrival on the 13th of August. Last february, I joined the french team of Cyclo-biblio to organize with Lara the arrival in Lyon. I hope you will enjoy it !

I think my question will spread and be debated everyday during the travel …

What does being a librarian today mean ? Ça veut dire quoi être bibliothécaire aujourd’hui ?

Cultural organizer, information manager, purchaser, computer scientist, marketing specialist …. are a part of the librarian’s skills needed today.
What about the role of the librarians dealing with evolution of the material and immaterial medium, the way of using the library, with the changes in the information seeking, and the evolution of the social context (more and more homeless or unemployed)?
How can we succeed in understanding the needs of our (new) visitors ? which new skills do we have to get ?

Animateur, documentaliste, acquéreur, informaticien, spécialiste en marketing …. une partie de la panoplie des compétences requises en bibliothèque aujourd’hui. Entre l’évolution des supports, matériels et immatériels, des usages, des besoins et l’évolution du contexte social (de plus en plus de chômeur et de SDF… ), quel est le rôle des bibliothécaires et comment connaitre et répondre aux nouvelles demandes de nos (nouveaux) usagers ? quelles sont les nouvelles compétences requises ?

Homework #1 is already done : I went on the top of Mont Ventoux (1911m) last spring…
Homework #3 is also ok !

I’m looking forward to meet all of you very very soon


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