Emmanuel Courtine: How do librarians give access to e-collections in our catalogs?


My name is Emmanuel Courtine and I’m a cataloging librarian in an academic library, called « Cujas » Library in Paris.

This library is for affiliates of the University of Paris 1 and 2 – Sorbonne, and our field is law. My work deals with cataloging printed books in French, English and German. I catalog rare old books from our rare books collection, part of which is being digitized, in cooperation with the French National Library.

I’m interested in the future of our catalogs, related to e-books and e-collections. Nowadays, e-collections are accessible through portals which enable federated searches in metadata stored in knowledge bases (or using link resolvers) and in records produced by librarians. National agencies, like ABES, deliver metadatas in the context of national licences, which can be used by union catalogs or knowledge bases, in order to describe e-collections. Therefore, catalogs are not alone to give access to ressources in our libraries. What will be the place of our catalogs in the digital library ?


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