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Rasmus Fangel Vestergaard: Library-didactive approaches in informal information-dealing situations


‘Ello everyone, my name is Rasmus Fangel Vestergaard. I work at Copenhagen Public Libraries.

I’m currently on loan to Kultur Valby, which is a hub for alot of facilities including sports facilities, libraries, theaters and culturehouses (open workshop buildings for the public). We’ve also decided to build, host and run a FabLab.., That’s where I’m employed. My work is to plan and hold educational tracks from the facilities but also open up the technology for the wider public. I’m sort of a library liasson or the rather I’m heading up the collective effort to test and find relevancy between the so-called makermovement/cocretion and libraries.

What I find interestng and what really lies at the core of my work is not 3D printing, lasercutting or programming but rather the good ol’e question of how we as librarians make available the relevant information that ties into the themes that we focus on. For me it boils down to finding that library-didactive approach to the informal information-dealing situation that were faced with everyday. That’s what My head will be filled with under the helmet!

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