Alireza Afshari : Space and innovation

Alireza Afshari : Space and innovation










My name is Alireza Afshari (called Ali), and I work as library manager for outreach library activities at Stockholm Public Libraray. In addition to this, I am responsible for a couple of branch libraries. My question concerns one of these libraries.

I am curious about space and innovation. I think the best way to encourage our young users to come to the library is to offer activities which are somehow different from schools, such as Maker Space, fab lab etc. In Sweden, as far as I know, there is no public library which offers learning workshops in this way. Denmark and Finland have already started using library spaces for learning workshops with the help of laser-cutters, 3D-printers and so on. The question is how we can combine these kinds of workshops with literature? In other words: How do we combine innovation and tradition?

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