Greetings from Turku


Dear colleagues,

thanks to two innovative Finnish library persons – Mace Ojala and Jukka Pennanen – the library people have the opportunity to experience Cycling for Libraries, the big cycling tour from Copenhagen to Berlin in the beginning of this summer.

Cycling, discussing interesting and important library topics, meeting colleagues, creating new contacts, enjoying the nature, getting into good condition, having fun. That is going to happen on the way from Copenhagen to Berlin from May 27th to June 7th this year. This cycling tour is a brilliant way to exchange ideas and experiences outside comfortable conference rooms, and at the same time it is the most ecological way to connect culture, sports, and human interaction.

I am happy that Turku City Library has the possibility to give home to the project, especially during this year when Turku is the European Capital of Culture. I also thank the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture for funding this project.

I wish favourable winds to the great experience!

Inkeri Näätsaari
Director of Libraries
Turku City Library

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