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Rental bikes 2015

In order to facilitate for the participants we have pre-booked rental bikes from a bike rental firm in Denmark.
The bikes will be rented from a firm located in Skagen.
List of participants who have requested rental bikes

The bikes
Standard 3 speed internal gears, solid Danish touring/citybikes, puncture proof tires (as if…). They are classic bikes with three gears and coaster brakes. They are equipped with lights and bells. The bikes comes in 2 models male and female frames and in one colour Black (so bring something to personalize your bikes with, flags, easy-come-off-stickers, teddybears to ziptie unto them..what do we know…
Standard lock is provided with personal key (now you see the need for personalizing…I parked over there and I have a Black bike..ohh)
There are no additional accessories so you will need to bring your own helmets, bike bags/panniers, bottle holders, saddle covers etc. If you want to buy this in Oslo the cheapest and simplest option is to visit XXL Oslo Sentrum – same price in shop as on website, Storgata 2 (map). There are other shops if if you are more particular about brands etc, for example Oslovelo, Nordre Gate 20b, with limited shop hours.


IMG_09891 IMG_09901

110 Euro (less than 10 Euro per day) The payment is to be made cash on delivery in Oslo so please bring the correct amount. Skagen cykeludlejning may be able to accept payment in advance through digital means (you’ll recieve any information with this when you receive your contracts)

Up to 68 bicycles will be delievered in Oslo on Tuesday 1st of September at 8.00 a.m. The address for the delivery is Rådhusbrygge 1, Rådhusplassen. At the end of Akershusstranda.

Friday the 11. Sept 7.00 pm Skovvangsskolen, Aarhus. (same location as we slept the night before). As the keen observers you are you’ll have noticed that this is a day later than the tour ends. This allows for us to have bicycles for those of you who’ll be participating in the optional day in Aarhus (remember to sign
up). For those of you leaving on Thursday we’ll go through the bikes with you and lock them up until pick-up (see contracts section for details)

Liabilities and contracts
The contracts are your personal agreement with the rental company, Cycling for libraries merely broker the agreement and can not be held accountable for any loss of bike or damage. Skagen Cykeludlejning will provide you with a contract via mail after receiving the final list for people wanting to hire. 10 th of August. Any variation in ways of payment will be described in the contracts if none then payment is on delivery in Oslo.
At pick-up in Aarhus we’ll inspect the quickly for any major damages and whereafter Skagen Cykeludlejning will inform of further process.
The exception to this is the leaving on the 10th, for those of you who’ve chosen to opt out of our fabulous optional day, we’ll arrange for bike inspection on the 10th and lock up the bikes untill pick-up at the 11th.

Last call
If any of you shouldn’t have signed up for rental bikes and would like to then additional registration is open untill the 10th of August. This is the cut-off date as we’ll mail the namelist to Skagen Cykeludlejning at that date so they can mail you your personal contracts.
If you decide to make other arrangements please notify us ASAP (anki@cyclingforlibraries.org).

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