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September 11th – Optional day in Aarhus

That’s right, Not only will we be riding 10 days with you, taking us from Oslo-Gothenburg-Aarhus we’ll even provide content for an 11th day. On Friday we’ll provide an optional tour taking us from the new harbour area of Aarhus, through Dokk1 the spanking new media house, all the way to historic, scenic and cutting
edge museums of Moesgaard.

The day will start at 9. am right at the new waterfront in Aarhus with plenty of new architecture, repurposing of industrial areas and cityplanning to gaze at. We’ll be trying to navigate all the sprawling  building sites and negotiate the new and old harbour till we arrive at the new main library in Aarhus. At Dokk1 we’ll have an extensive tour with plenty of opportunity to explore and learn about how to make a cutting edge library right at the waterfront. Did we mention there’s a train running right through it? From  Dokk1 we’ll explore the rest of the harbour whilst rolling through the industrial part of it towards Marselisborg.

The route takes us through the forrested suburbs of Marselisborg to the scenic outlook of Ørnereden (Eagles Nest) this spot used to house a pier for the the coastal tourboats sailing all over the bay on weekends, not much left of that fabled excursion spot apart for facilities to house a gang of cycling librarians hungry for lunch. Lunch will be provided and included in the cost, please note any dietary requests when signing up.

Museums in the hills. Moesgaard museum is somewhat of an institution in Aarhus and it used to be based mostly on their out-door facilities, the museum has always had a focus on the viking heritage due to some extraordinary finds, Gravballemanden og Moesgaardstenen are some of the iconic centerpieces in the old
collection. An old collection with a brand new home, the new museum is a centerpiece in the rolling hills and on top of providing housing for a very select and engaging collection also provides for a view platform second to none. Take a (st)roll down the roof if your looking for a stomach churning experience above the
average. Entry to the museum is included in the tour.

Optionally or as an extra the museums outdoor facilities are available for a stroll. Walk from the new new museum past the old facilities and mansion right through the park. In the park climb through the princess-tree with its rumoured currative effects, great for saddlesores! Then onwards through the forrest to the  forrest mill, an old watermill, now museum. The mill provides for an excellent glimpse into a past where it served as sawmill, flourmill and even generated electricity.

As the route is fairly straight forward, follow the bikepath back, there will be no previous arranged group riding back, so take your time and explore all the viking huts on the beach or venture into the old barrow if you dare!

The final price of the day-tour will be disclosed at a later date when we have a tally of the number of participants. But expect something in the range of 25-30 Euro. Lunch and entry fees included.

aarhus1     aarhus4

aarhus3     aarhus2

Programme for the day:

9.00 Meet-up at Jette Tikjøbs plads. Coffee and kick-off! Brief introduction to the harbour project.
9.30-11.30 Visit at Dokk1.
12.15-12.45 Lunch at Ørnereden (Eagles Nest)
13.15-??  Museum visit at Moesgaard museum optional outdoor tour.
??-19 Ride back to Aarhus, as it’s the same route back there will be no pre-organized ride, in order for everyone to take their own time exploring the museum and surroundings. However if you have rented a bike then we’re aiming for a pick-up at 19.00 where you can deliever your bike and get your luggage. Pick-
up point will be Skovvangsskolen  (your previous luxurious accomodation).

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