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New Nordic – isn’t that a cooking movement?

Yes indeed! So with us purloining that name we were of course obliged to include a food theme. We’re trying hard to please your palates. Through our setup we’re making sure that you get to enjoy some of the local cuisine along the route.

This set-up includes free breakfast and lunch as always, but also provides you for a chance to sample the local specialities as we roll. It also provides for a natural theme along the route, what the stomach is full off. Food is such an integral part of integration and a disarming way to meet new people. Does your libraries employ this as an active strategy? We’re starved to learn.

Nippe is once again at the business end of the pots and pans and will make sure we get those roadside meals that makes you pedal a bit faster. Watch out for the seathorn juice at breakfast, a veteran trick is to fill your bottle in the morning with some and then dilute it as we go. Nippe is as always using local produce but we’ll also make sure to provide you with the opportunity to sample some of the delicious roadside freebies provides by the rugged landscape.

In Sweden we’ve a kelp workshop slated with Caxalot. Time to work those arms instead of the legs, that illusive kelp is best harvested from a kayak. We however feel confident that some amongst us will shirk of all the gear and go dipping for that natural flavour somehow else. Remember to bring a towel!

In Denmark we’ll taste a bit of history as we go near Limfjorden. The legends goes that French monks once seeded those waterways with mussels to improve on the usual staple diet of well…. porridge. So we’ll fire up the barbeque and grill some of the local fruits.

At several locations we’ll have the opportunity for prearranged dinners these are paid dinners and we’ll have to charge you a fee for these. We do our best to keep the costs as low as possible and the price is around 10 euros per sitting. We’ll advice you in advance when this opportunity is available. At some locations we’re going to set you free and let you forage on your own.

We’ll of course ride out with a BANG! So we end it with a party. We’re pleased to tell you that Viby Library is providing room for our rowdy final where we will fill stomachs and glasses alike. We’ve prebooked dinner for everyone and the library bar will supply you with your first drink, all at a cover charge of 20 euros.

You are as always welcome to make other arrangements but we’d like to know of this in advance so we don’t have food wastage and are able to keep the prices as low as possible. Other than that don’t just cycle through the Nordic countries –eat your way them as well!

-Team New Nordic

”No brewery visits? Really!?!”

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