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Erla Kristín Jónasdóttir: How to reach various groups in the society


My name is Erla Kristín Jónasdóttir and I’m an Icelandic librarian. I have worked for 38 (!) years in the Reykjavik City Library. Now I am a chief librarian in the main library. Reykjavik City Library has also 5 branch libraries, bookmobile and a story mobile; www.borgarbokasafn.is<http://www.borgarbokasafn.is>. I worked in Copenhagen Library in Österbro 1990-1991.

Throughout the years I have seen and been a part of many changes in the public library sector. I have worked on some of them with my colleagues, f.ex. moving libraries to new premises, implementing new services like reference service, school visits, Artotek and all kinds of events and multicultural activities. My main interest now is and has always been on how to reach various groups in the society which we don’t reach and also on how to get more men into the library, both as workers and as guests :-). I am interested in various outdoor activities and I play badminton (indoors). I have never been in such a long cycling tour so this tour is a challenge to me.

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