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Dirk Bogaerts: Communication strategies and embedded librarianship


I’m Dirk Bogaerts, a librarian at Artevelde University college Ghent, Belgium. We have five library locations – I work in three of them (two with, one without a library). My main subject is teacher training, with a focus on early childhood and primary school education. I’m interested in communication strategies and user services. My main challenge at the moment is finding new ways to position ourselves in the organisation, in order to remain relevant for our users. I’m interested in the concept of ’embedded librarianship’: finding ways to integrate our services in the different formations, taking the library to the users, working ‘inside-out’, anticipating user needs, reaching out,…, It’s mostly a question of looking for opportunities to link our information services to the needs of the user. The ultimate goal: active collaboration, participation and interaction: with students, with the teaching staff, with other partners within or outside the organisation. Not evident, but a university college offers some good opportunities to try this out. This is my second C4L; last year I participated in the french tour. It gave me a boost of energy, so I’m looking forward to the ‘Nordic Experience’!

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