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GeertLievens: What innovations can contribute to a better connection with the audience?


M name is Geert Lievens and I work as an expert for the provincial library policy in Flemish Brabant (Leuven – Belgium). We support public libraries in their accession to the Vlaams-Brabant library network. We supports the libraries in their transition to RFID self-service towards a userfriendly accomodation. I also support public libraries in updating their skills: interactive information mediation, media literacy, mobile libaryservices… The topic I would like to discuss is “what innovations can contribute to a better connection with the audience?” Better integration between the offline & online library? What skills do we need to make this happen? More communication and teaching skills? More attention to the user’s perspective? More fablabs? Open libraries in Flanders just like the open libraries in Denmark (for example: Præstø Bibliotek 07:00-23:00) ?
Twitter: @ geertlievens
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