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Katrin Kropf: New challenges

I’m Katrin and I work in the Public Library of Chemnitz, Germany. This is going to be my third time in Cyc4Lib and I’m very much looking forward to cycling with you (again)! I’m a cycling enthusiast and love simple bikes with a story. I didn’t decide yet which of my bikes I’ll bring to the event, but it will certainly not be the one in my picture. 😉 Right now I still deal with the at times very unnerving e-book lending stuff, but I applied for a vacant position as a youth/music librarian in the same library, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to provide our youths and young adults with comics, games, music and whatever I can help them with soon. Of course I’m still interested in digital services and anything new in our developing and changing library world. Can’t wait to see the many familiar faces and new people soon, so, safe getting to Oslo everyone!

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