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Casey Goodrow: Working with video games


I am Casey Goodrow, a library lover and lover of librarians (in particular Annie Pho). This will be my second cyc4lib, having accompanied the group on a lovely tour from Amsterdam to Brussels in 2013. So what do I do, and what problem will I be trying to solve? I am an independent video game artist/designer/writer working on a nonviolent first-person exploration game about an old woman on a meditative hike seeking to escape the cycle of rebirth. While there are numerous problems to be solved on a day to day basis in my line of work, as well as larger cultural problems that video games play a part in, I hope to spend most of my cognitive energy on the trip enjoying the countryside and, of course, all of you! I look forward to visiting libraries across the Nordic region and learning about the challenges they face and the creative ways in which they choose to face them.

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