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Mariël Geens: Speaking up for good library services


My name is Mariël and I work front office in a big branch library of the library network of Antwerp, Belgium. I love helping people with and advising them on multimedia, music, film and language learning (that’s my department), and I’d like to do more. So now I’m training to become a media literacy coach. To conclude this course I’m doing a project to further media literacy amongst colleagues, advise management on learning needs and find co-conspirators to discuss the need for a local communication strategy that is complementary with the city policy. These are my main challenges for the moment. 

My greatest professional concerns are the library policy and education situation in my country, staff well-being, the skills and talents library assistants need to develop to continue to provide the best possible  services to our superdiverse and largely underpriviliged patrons, and what these services need to be. I’m also passionate about sustainability in all its shapes and forms. C4L is a way of killing many birds with one single stone. This is my third time. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and to talking about these and many other work, food, drink, bike and general life related subjects!

I’m experimenting with these media to find the best way to share library photos and ideas:

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