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David McDonald: How to search reams of text effectively


My name is David McDonald and I am the Nova Scotia Legislative Librarian, which means I deal a lot with politicians and the law. I have a mandate to ensure that all Nova Scotia government publications, both print and electronic, are freely available to all both now and in the future. As such I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide electronic information to the public. I am a huge advocate of freely available information. I am also very interested in digitizing our existing print government and legislative materials so that they are easily accessible and searchable.
I need to find an inexpensive way to convert unstructured debates from the House into easily searchable text. Debates for one year are often thousands of pages long and they are very difficult to search using the Google appliance. So if any one has any ideas on how to search reams of similar text effectively, I’m all ears. I am an avid cyclist and have cycled all around the world. I haven’t made it to Australia yet, but I will.

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  1. Jean Marie


    I am a member of ACM, Association for Computing Machinery. They have a DL, a Digital Library. With the advance of computing science during the last decades, I doubt that you would not find something in there to help you. Typically, papers found there have a practical and/or commercial application betweeen 5 and 20 years after publication. Check on http://dl.acm.org/ .

    Hope it helps.

    Jean Marie

  2. Jean Marie

    About cycling in Australia : Good on you, mate ! 😉

    And don’t forget to learn Strine before you go. B|

    Have a nice new nordic “Cycling for Libraries” !

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