Organizing team 2013

Cycling for libraries is an independent event organized by persons working in libraries. Cycling for libraries is not organized by any existing formal organization. It is made possible by a sovereign, international network of library enthusiasts. Our main supporters this year are the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, Helsinki City Library, Espoo City Library, Hämeenlinna City Library and Libraries.fiWe are grateful for this valuable support!

In 2013 the organizing team will look like this! We have the operative team on the road and the back office in Finland which takes care of many important things before and during the tour.

Operative team 2013

Mace Ojala

Main event organizer, leading tracker
Twitter: @xmacex


I have a long career in public libraries. I am uncertain what exactly attracts me into libraries, but i have an intuition they are somehow necessary, nice and effective. One thing I am absolutely sure of though, is that organizing massive events to watch powerpoints is neither necessary, nice or particularly effective – so I love being part of the team and community making Cycling for libraries -unconfence happen.


Jukka Pennanen

Founder, producer, main organizer
Twitter: @jukkapen


I have worked in public libraries, polytechnic libraries and the National Library, a total of 28 years and done many kind of jobs. For some reason library is a hobby, too. I’m passionate especially for public libraries, their services and their big role in society. I have written two books, maybe there’s some more to come, who knows. I am interested in big themes of life. On the way I will be the one in the back…


Tuomas Lipponen

Video team director
Twitter @TuomasLipponen


I work as a photographer / editor for finnish library webTV In Cycling for libraries I work as a head of the video team. I’m passionate about documentary films and I find real life far more interesting than fiction.


Urpo Nylander

Technical manager, Corporate Relations,


Howdy, I’m working in Helsinki city library as a IT and technical planner and during the Cycling for libraries tour I’ll take care of the audio-visual technics, as well as the data networks on the road. Just right now I’ve been building the Myllypuro media library in Helsinki.  I’m also amazing DJ and one of the four fabulous drummers in the organizing team.


Sebastian Slotte

Security manager


I joined Cycling for Libraries for the first time in June 2011, same year as I started working for Espoo City Library in Finland. Last year, as chairman of the Cyc4lib safety & sauna board, I got a chance to combine cycling and practical training for my Bachelor´s Degree in Security Management. I look forward to welcome you in Amsterdam to join this endeavour and to reach Brussels safely together.


Katia Shklyar

Organizing coordinator, communications
Twitter: @alisakatia


At the moment I work in the youth department of Entresse city library in Espoo, Finland. My subjects of interest are working ways of social inclusion and cooperation with “non-library sector”. In Cycling for libraries I’m responsible for example for Public Relations (especially in Russian).


Antti Pakarinen

Programme coordinator


Project manager, library blogger, open data enthusiast. I work at Helsinki City Library, but I like to say that I’m employed by the city of Helsinki. At the moment my work includes getting libraries to communicate with the larger city around it and with its citizens. In Cycling for libraries I’m facilitating the daily discussion topics.


Jonas Tana

Twitter: @jonastana


I work as a planner at, a gateway to finnish library services. I have saved lives but I think libraries are more important. I am a passionate amateur photographer and I’m looking forward to a job offer from Flickr (wake up flickr!).


Mikko Helander

Audio/Video Technician


I have worked in Entresse library and Keski-Espoo library before that in Espoo for over six years now. I’m from Helsinki and mostly interested in all kinds of technical stuff, especially everything that involves photography and video. In Cycling for libraries I work as a member of the film team. See you all in Amsterdam!


Panu Somerma

Cameraman, assistant editor


I work as a cameraman at Kirjastokaista and in the Cycling for libraries I am a part of the video team. I like travelling and experiencing new things. I’m interested in video editing, filming, photography, graphic design, floorball, football, footbag, and fishing among other things.


Juha Kortesluoma

Organizing coordinator


I work as a librarian at Espoo city library. I have now worked at public libraries for four years. I’m interested in organizing different kind of events in public libraries, for example concerts and literature evenings. I like to think of public libraries as places where people don’t just borrow books, but also spend their time working, studying and relaxing.”


Anssi Sajama

Organizing coordinator


At the moment I work at Entresse library, mostly my work has been with children and youth. I have also been involved with video projects and I like to think I’m handy with tools etc. This will be my third Cyc4Lib, but my first in the organizing team. I hope I can contribute as a handyman wherever there is need, so that all you participants will have a really nice un-conference, just as I have had so far.


Pasi “Nippe” Niemi

Chef de cuisine


I have my own lunch restaurant in Pukkila, in southern Finland. I also do catering and I’ve been in a number of festivals with my food tent. During Cycling for libraries I will make sure that you have good food, coffee, tea and coffee bread at staging points! I enjoy being in this team, even though it is often very busy. Cheers!


Päivi Tossavainen

The Sous-Chef de Cuisine


Hello! I work in Library 10, which is a library with a vinyl-bar and a stage for bands in addition to its collections in the heart of Helsinki. After being away from the Cycling for libraries tour for a year, I’m back in the catering team. So nice to see you all soon!


Heikki Blomsten





Tero Vainikainen



I have worked over 10 years at Kuopio City Library, last 7 years at the mobile library. I’m interested in nature and in the summertime I mostly enjoy fly fishing and relaxing at my cottage. This is my first time at Cycling for libraries and I’m one of the three service-van drivers. I’m very excited in what kind of experiences this will bring to my life. See You in Amsterdam–Brussels tour!


Kati Nieminen





The back office 2013

These people will help us in Finland and make our tour a success.

Juha Manninen

Corporate Relations, Recruiting
Twitter: @Juhamanninen

Juha Manninen

I am a specialized library assistant/librarian and mobile library driver with experience of almost 20 years now. Don’t possess any special skills or explicit points of view but incurably interested in all topics that concern (especially public) libraries. Besides following library issues my hobbies are jogging and cycling. In the middle of further studies.  (Lousy) drummer.


Päivi Jokitalo

Twitter: @pjokitalo


Ever since having come up with the name “Cycling for Libraries” I’ve been a hang-around follower in the wings, spreading information on one of the greatest ways ever to promote international cooperation and grassroots library activism. Public libraries are a low-threshold service with a potential of connecting people and ideas far beyond their walls and collections. (Photo: Nina Britschgi)


Harri Annala

Commentator, host in videos


I have my year off from Cycling for libraries and Finland and live at the moment in the US.


Ate Silvo

Audio/Video Technician


I work as a media assistant in the Helsinki library’s “Meeting Point”, which is located in the Lasipalatsi in the heart of Helsinki. Media assistants will help the customers to work with photos and videos and the Laptop doctor will help if you have problems with your laptop’s hardware or software. We give personal assistance also by telephone.



Web administrator


I’m administrating the cyc4lib server – from a tropical country far away…