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CYCLING FOR LIBRARIES is a joint sports event and an unconference. It is also a library marketing venture which will be featured in many ways in the media as well as IRL. We are sure you would love to be part of this exciting project. 
In exchange, you will get plenty of visibility before, during and after the tour. Please contact jukka (at) cyclingforlibraries dot org or click here.


We offer exposure on the web and visibility IRL in the form of company name and logo inclusion, company presentation, video clips and photos from the tour showing signage and banners, as well as listing in articles and seminars etc.

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Benefits of supporting Cycling For Libraries

By supporting the Cycling for Libraries event you will be able to reach out to the European library community and global library lovers. Apart from being a combined sports event and professional library congress, the tour is also an international library advocacy  & marketing venture offering lots of visibility before, during and after the tour itself, both IRL and online. In 2013, the tour from Amsterdam to Brussels will be advertised online and at local and national library seminars and conferences. Companies supporting the Cycling for Libraries tour will get exposure on the Cycling for libraries website as well as social media such as Facebook. The maintenance cars can carry the sponsor banners and signage.
Feel free to check our recent publicity from the Tours menu. 

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Above: The Documentary premiere took place at the The Finnish Film Foundation’s cinema in Helsinki September 16th 2011.

Publicity for your ideas, publicity for libraries

Video production – The cycling tour will be videoed with small but professional production team all the way from Amsterdam to Brussels. The team is already very familiar with the library world, and runs a web-TV called Kirjastokaista. They documented the first Cycling for libraries tour from Copenhagen to Berlin in 2011 and the widely shown film can be viewed free of charge at Kirjastokaista website or here. In 2013 they will be traveling with us throughout the journey and shooting daily videos, editing them on the road and sharing them immediately on the web. The team will make interviews of both the participants and other library professionals and also document the events of the trip with all its incidents on video.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our fundraising would cover some technical equipment, including satellite Internet access system and navigating equipments for cyclists, and vehicles. These will form approximately 30% of the expenses and they are immensely important to the success of the trip. Apart from monetary sponsorship, support in the form of help in bike rental, supplying the participants with t-shirts or bike repair tool kits etc. would be more than welcome. The Cycling for libraries tour is strictly non-profit.

The Sponsorship Levels Described

The levels can be tailored individually to fit your wishes for the visibility during the campaign

  • Single-speed Bike Sponsor – company name and logo inclusion on website, right to use event logos
  • City Bike Sponsor – as before + presentation of company on website (text and photo)
  • Mountain Bike Sponsor – as before + company name and logo inclusion in eventual brochures and printed programme, visibility during the tour in the form of company logo / signage at pitstops
  • Racing Bike Sponsor – as before + visibility during the tour in the form of logo / signage in maintenance car (smaller, size to be determined later)
  • BMX Bike Sponsor – as before + visibility during the tour in the form of logo / signage in maintenance car (bigger, size to be determined later)
  • Hybrid Bike Sponsor – as before + logos/company name in the streaming videos

The sponsorship levels start from EUR 300. For more detailed information, suggestions, ideas and of course, offers for support, please contact jukka (at) cyclingforlibraries dot org or click here.

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