Tour videos

Cycling for libraries 2016 Canada

This video is kindly provided by Luc Bauwens.

Cycling for libraries 2015 “New Nordic”

2015 videos are also kindly provided by Luc Bauwens.

Arriving Aarhus 2015

Amsterdam–Brussels tour – 430km, 9 days

The 2013 videos are here.

The Baltic tour Vilnius→Tallinn – 650km, 11 days

2012 filmcrew: Panu Somerma, Mikko Helander, Ate Silvo
2012 editor: Panu Somerma
Reporter: Harri Annala

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Steamings from the Baltic tour

Host: Harri Annala

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The Copenhagen→Berlin tour – 650km, 9 days

2011 videos directed by: Tuomas Lipponen (courtesy of Kirjastokaista)
2011 film crew: Tuomas Lipponen, Panu Somerma, Ate Silvo, Mikko Helander
2011 editing: Tuomas Lipponen

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Documentary from the 2011 tour

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Promotional videos





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