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Cycling for libraries in St. Petersburg June 29th


Saint Petersburg joins the Cycling for Libraries movement, which has been an international success over the last three years. The initiative has brought together librarians and library-lovers in a series of cycling unconferences that have attracted over 100 participants.

The one-day mini C4L tour is organized with the help of the local NGO Cycling St Petersburg. The tour will start in the seaside town of Zelenogorsk and will run along the scenic coastline of the Gulf of Finland. A number of local libraries will be visited on the way as well as the historic seaside resort of Komarovo, home to summer residences of many famous 20th century intellectuals, that was visited by poets Anna Akhmatova and Joseph Brodsky, composer Dmitri Shostakovich and linguist Dmitry Likhachov. The tour will end on the banks of the Sestroretsky Lake.

As part of the cultural programme, IFLAcampLab participants will be invited to visit museums and theatres and take part in a literary-themed walking tour of Saint Petersburg and a city-wide book exchange.

Bicycles will be provided free of charge to all IFLAcampLab participants.

More information on IFLA NPSIG page and on the Lermontov library page

The route


Baltic Star June 14th 2014 — Local Cycling for libraries event in 4 countries

Baltic star
We are glad to invite you to an unusual cycling tour for librarians and library lovers “Cycling for libraries – Baltic Star” on June 14-20, 2014! With this local event we are supporting and working together with the “Cycling for libraries international” and its objective of getting libraries more recognition and attention in their work to support intellectual equality in society (

Cycling for libraries is a professional event for all people working with libraries – in addition to all library lovers, of course. So naturally the content is about libraries, and librarianship, and all things related to them.

“Baltic Star” interview on Belarussian TV channel.


On the 14th of June 4 groups of librarians and library lovers will start from 4 cities – Kaliningrad (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Plunge (Lithuania) and Preili (Latvia) – and will head out to Kaunas (Lithuania) where all groups will meet on June 19th and hold two-days unconference.
On the way we will visit local libraries, meet with local colleagues and authorities, do workshops, debate, cooperate, laugh and of course cycle.
At the unconference in Kaunas all groups can present their photo and video reports about their five-days trips, specify and discuss the major library issues and problems that have been identified by them as the most important for the countries of their cycling tours.
You are welcome to choose the route you like better!


  • number of participants of each group – 20 (the registration will be announced later)
  • number of km for each group – approx 300 km
  • number of cycling days – 5
  • number of unconference days in Kaunas – 2
  • cost of the registration fee is 100 EUR – the bill will be sent to you personally after you have been registered
  • registration – is open from April 1 to May 14
  • topics – each group will have its special main topic of the tour

The main themes of the routes are

  • “Library collections development in digital age” (Minsk-Kaunas)
  • “Modern library as a multifunctional space” (Kaliningrad-Kaunas)
  • “Library today – myth vs reality” (Plunge-Kaunas)
  • “Children – library users now and in future” (Preili-Kaunas)

The routes

  • Minsk-Zaslauje-Maladziecna-Smarhon-Asmiany-Vilnius-Trakai-Prienai-Birstonas-Garliava-Kaunas (approx 350 km)
  • Kaliningrad-Gvardeysk-Chernyakhovsk-Gusev-Kybartai-Vilkaviskis-Marijampole-Garliava-Kaunas (approx 300 km)
  • Plunge-Varniai-Kelme-Raseiniai-Ariogala-Kedainiai-Domeikava -Kaunas (approx 300 km)
  • Preili-Daugavpils-Zarasai-Utena-Ukmerge-Jonava-Kaunas (approx 300 km)

The coordinators

Baltic Star in Facebook

In media

Cycling for libraries in Kuldiga, Latvia — May 15th, 2014


Cycling for libraries in Kuldiga local tour 15 May, 2014

Theme: “Libraries building bridges” — Libraries building bridges between the people and organizations of the local community, between libraries and their readers in Latvia, and even in the world, etc.


Our cycling day started at 9:00 – participans registrated, received map with day schedule and cap. Then Kuldiga Main library director Laima Ostele express pleasure for everyone who decided to participate and generally informed about this event.
After that our local newspaper photographer take some photos for the newspaper and we started our trip.


First we visit Priedaines library where head of library Lasma Veigelte was prepared us surprize – warm-up exercizes under the guidance of a professional trainer. Then we went to the Vilgale library,where we also provided a rest break. After that – Snepeles library- head of library prepared to us a quiz. After Snepele, we went to Pelci, but on the way we visit farm Mazsalijas (nearby Snepele) to see fallow deers and wild boars. Our tour ended in Pelci, where we eat hot vegetable soup made by Edite – Pelcu cultural event organizer in Ice Cellar. Ice Cellar is a part of Pelci manor complex where library is situated. After that there was a professional guided tour of Pelci manor. Red brick-laid Art Noveau Style Manor-house was built in 1903-1904. Novadays there are Pelci Special Boarding School – Development Centre as well as Pelci library.

We are 18 participants from Kuldiga, Liepaja and Riga (Ilze Marga from Saulaino dienu library).
At the end we were tired, byr happy! Our tour was 45 km long.


10360602_712448045477949_1998536650_o 10358844_712446338811453_1491859672_o 10358629_712445872144833_623680467_o 10364437_712445845478169_1193152942_o 10350188_712445645478189_1120717053_o 10386071_712444982144922_310372933_o


9:00 – 9:30 registration, instructions. Kuldiga main library; Speaker Kuldiga main library manager Laima Ostele;

9:30 – leaving Kuldiga Main library;

9:50 – Visit Priedaine library;

11:45 – Visit Vilgale library;

12:15 – lunchtime near Vilgale Lake;

12:45 – leaving Vilgale;

14:15 – Visit Snepele library;

15:30 – Visit Pelci library;

15:50 – Tour conclusion with evaluation of gains and large soup pot in Pleci Manor Park. Group photo/video

17:00 – Arrive back to Kuldiga

In a journey we will cycle, about 40 km visiting countryside public libraries of Kuldiga district and getting know their beauty and potential that they can give to the people of the local community.

During the trip, we will be building our common bridge by telling and showing participants the individuality of each library and the contribution it makes in this area.

More information

Sanita Tilgale
Direktora vietniece darbā ar pagastu bibliotēkām
Kuldīgas Galvenā bibliotēka
1905. gada iela 6

Cycling for libraries in Tennessee — April 30, 2014


TLA on the Inaugural Cycling for Libraries in Tennessee Bike Tour April 30, 2014

Join at any stop (Mileage 56)

  • Start: Mt. Juliet P.L. at 9:00 am
  • Lebanon P.L. at 10:30 am
  • Watertown P.L at 12:00 (Lunch stop)
  • Linebaugh P.L bookmobile stop Cainsville Rd. (Rutherford/Wilson Co. line) at 2:30 pm.
  • Linebaugh P.L. (Murfreesboro) at 4:30 pm
  •  Finish: Embassy Suites Hotel/Convention Center at 5:30

Cycling for libraries in Texas — April 8, 2014


WELCOME to our first Cycling for Libraries, or conference on a bike, event in Texas! In addition to spending the morning exploring San Antonio streets, parks and institutions, participants will enjoy a memorable networking opportunity while visiting local libraries. 


 More pictures here… and stories here…!

We will cycle a 20-mile round trip from the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center to the outskirts of Bexar County. Our first stop is the famous BiblioTech Library, the country’s first digital library. There we will experience a special tour and a cyclist’s snack break. We then hop back on our bikes and enjoy a short 5 mile ride to the San Antonio Public Library, Mission Branch. See what’s different at this library! Last stop: the convention center for a group photo!

We will be riding the bike trails and about 2-3 miles on public roads. Never ridden 20 miles? Never fear! The route is on a flat trail and public roads, plus you have 7 weeks to prepare! The pace will be moderate around 9-10 mph. Participants receive a specialty designed t-shirt. And,Road ID has graciously donated six gift certificates; so watch for announcement of the winners!

Schedule: Tuesday, April 8th

  • 7:45 am-8:15 am: Check-in, biking instructions, and t-shirts (location at convention center TBA)
  • 8:30 am: Leave the convention center. We need to keep a tight schedule, so please beready to ride at 8:30 am!
  • 10:15 am: Tour stop and snacks/water break at the BiblioTech Library. Host and speaker: Catarina Velasquez, BiblioTech Branch Manager
  • 11:15 am: Visit the San Antonio Public Library, Mission Branch Tour. Host and speaker: Oscar González, Librarian
  • 12:30 pm: Arrive back at the convention center and group hhoto
  • 2 pm: Cycling for Libraries Session with April Kessler

Register onlineCycling for Libraries is the first item under “Ticketed Events” toward the bottom of the form. Registration for the conference is not required to participate in this event! The registration deadline is March 21st. Maximum riders: 50 — Waiting list available! Cost is $25 with bringing your own bike; $35 with bike rental (information coming soon).

We will have riding with us a medic and a bike mechanic. At each location we will have volunteers watching the bikes, so locks are recommended but may not be needed.

Važiuojam už bibliotekas – Local Cycling for Libraries tour in Lithuania

Route: Klaipėda–Nida, Lithuania (50 km)

Date: May 25—26th 2013

On May 25—26th 2013 Lithuanian Librarians’ Association called Lithuanian librarians and their friends to bicycle tour „Važiuok už bibliotekas“– inspired by the international Cycling for libraries unconference. The local tour was initiated by Alma Masevičienė, who took part in the Cycling for libraries 2012 tour from Vilnius to Tallinn. The tour was organized in collaboration with the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania and  Klaipėda County  Ieva Simonaitytė Public Library Klaipėda County  Ieva Simonaitytė Public Library director Juozas Šikšnelis and the president of the Lithuanian Librarians’ Association Alina Jaskūnienė welcomed cyclists and wished that the bicycle tour would become a beautiful tradition in Lithuania library community. See some photos from the event below.







Hyppää Kyytiin! Cycling campaign Finland 2011


Hyppää Kyytiin! was a local library campaign in Kouvola area to promote the local library network, although there was no centrally organized cycling tour. When a participant returned a  fully stamped campaign cycling passport or had demonstrably used three different Kyyti libraries, he or she could win an iPad.

More informationKyyti


Kirjastopyöräily – Cykla för biblioteken May 30–31 2011


Kirjastopyöräily – Cykla för biblioteken was the first local Cycling for libraries mini-tour organized by a group of library professionals from the Ostrobothnian area in 2011. The mini-tour took place from 30th to 31th of May in 2011 from Seinäjoki to Vaasa. The aim was to to emphasize the role of libraries in society.

From the original info: The aim of the campaign is to encourage librarians and municipal authorities as well as ordinary library users to find how important libraries are to the community. Cyclists will visit libraries located along the route and speak out some thesis for libraries like:

  • Library and information belong to all
  • Libraries also serve as a network
  • Library is a meeting place of cultures
  • Ask anything –you’ll get  the answer from the library

The libraries on the way:

  • Nurmo Library at 9.30 to 10.00
  • Ylistaro Library at 12.00 to 12.30
  • Isokyrö Library at 14.45 to 15.15
  • Vähäkyrö Library at 16.45 to 17.15
  • Laihia Library at 18.15 to 18.45
  • Variska Library from 11.15 to 11.30
  • Korsholm Library from 12.00 to 12.30
  • Tritonia Academic Library from 13.00 to 13.15
  • Vaasa City Library Regional Library 13.30

Photos: Flickr

Website: Seinäjoki city library


Organizers: Seinäjoki and Vaasa city libraries, Seinäjoki university library, SEAMK University of Applied Sciences and the “Verkko haltuun! Nätet i besittning!” project

Cycling for libraries Kaliningrad May 25th 2013


On the last day of IFLAcamp-Laboratory on 25 May a mini one-day Cycling for libraries will be held! It should be a rather dynamic conclusion of IFLAcamp-Lab!
We should admit that Kaliningrad is not rather convenient city for cycling. Here are no bicycles’ paths. But now the work on improving this situation has started – here are some initiative groups elaborating the strategy of development of bike culture in Kaliningrad. So our mini Cycling for libraries is very important for Kaliningrad – it will help to attract the attention of city administration to this problem! And of course to the question of libraries’ development!

Website: in Facebook

Date:  May 25th 2013

Route:  In Kaliningrad (the exact route will be announced soon)

Organizers:  Kaliningrad library system and NPSIG network

TV spot

Click to view the spot in Kaliningrad tv – note: Cycling for libraries starts at 8:25!


DSC09203 DSC09258 DSC09266 IMG_7985 IMG_7990 IMG_8002 IMG_8080 IMG_8085 IMG_8086 IMG_8093 IMG_8094 IMG_8136 КАРТА

Cycling for libraries Sweden May 12–14 2013


Cycling for libraires Sweden is a local cyc4lib trip in 2013 organized by the Swedish library activists Alireza Afshari and Åke Nygren. Both guys have been participating in the international Cycling for libraries tours and got the inspiration to organize a similar local trip in Sweden. They share the values of the Cycling for libraries.


Date:  May 12th – 14th 2013

Route:  Stockholm – Örebro

Fee:  SEK1600 / SEK1400 (before Feb 28), half tour with half fee

Registration: Till 1st of April (link)

Organizers:  Alireza Afshari and Åke Nygren

Contact:  Alireza Afshari, Enhetschef, Stockholms stadsbibliotek, tel: 08 508 31274 or 076 1231274, email: alireza.afshari (at)

Some pictures from the first day (60 km of cycling)Plattan

The preparations for departure at Plattan, i.e. the lower part of Sergels torg (Sergel’s Square) in Stockholm. 

Södertälje bibliotek
A presentation in the Södertälje library. Two large immigrant groups are – guess what – Finns and Iranians!

Tvetagårdens vandrarhem
Finally at Tvetagårdens vandrarhem (Hostel Tvetagården). Ali giving orders.

Some pictures from the second day (103,6 km of cycling)

Mariefred bibliotek
In front of the Mariefred’s nice library – waving to people of Mariefred.

Strängnäs kur

Ali giving an interview to Strengnäs newspaper.

The scenery route
The alternative “scenery route” to Strängnäs.

The cake
If there are no birthdays to celebrate, you can still have cake.

Some pictures from the third day (104 km of cycling)

Sveriges radio
Ali about to give an interview to Swedish Radio.

This had to come. And soon after rain started we had also the first flat. Ali biking in a rain. 


A nice option, huh…? Mace…?

Ali talking
A break on a roadside.

Photos: Jukka Pennanen. More on Tumblr / Åke Nygren

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