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Cycling for libraries 2013 – The Whole Trip

Cycling for libraries is a politically and economically independent international unconference for librarian and librarylovers, and a bicycle tour. Cycling for libraries supports grassroots networking, and internationalism, physical and mental well-being of library professionals, and ?last but not least? the crucial role of libraries for the society and for the intellectual and scientific education in general. Cycling for libraries also supports environmental values and ecological way of life. Many values inherited from librarianship are present here: openness, liberalism, access to information, lifelong learning and innovativeness. Librarianship is also by it?s very nature humanist, internationalist, cross-boundary and hands-on.In June 2013 Cycling for libraries will travel from Amsterdam to Brussels.

Video by: Tuomas Lipponen, Panu Somerma, Mikko Helander
Music: Slow Release – From Space, Neveready – Transparent, Slow Release – No Single Remedy, Electrypnose – Indian Sun (Confabulus remix), Luomuhappo – Marklar 3, Luomuhappo – Nainen (Confabulus remix), Slow Release – No 3, Luomuhappo – Metsässä ja polkat, Slow release – Rush