Thèmes 2014

Les bibliothèques “hors les murs” – Libraries “outside the walls”

Août. Montpellier. Méditerranée.  Les vacances sont annoncées. Mais les bibliothèques sont toujours là, fidèles au poste. Et si vous n’allez pas entre les 4 murs de votre bibliothèque cet été, vous la verrez sans doute à la piscine, ou à la plage, ou dans un parc. Les bibliothèques sortent de leur cocon, à la rencontre de leurs publics, pour leur offrir toujours plus de plaisir et de culture. Voici un exemple parmi d’autres de services des bibliothèques “hors les murs”.
Comment capter un nouveau public? Comment communiquer sur nos rôles auprès des élus, du public, etc? Comment aller à la rencontre de nos usagers ? Cette non-conférence symbolise en lui-même les bibliothèques de 16 pays œuvrant “hors les murs”. Cycling for libraries ouvre la voie de l’advocacy des bibliothèques en France.

August. Montpellier. The Mediterranean Sea. Holidays are back. But libraries are still there. And if you don’t go in your library this summer, you’ll probably see it at the pool, at the beach or in a park. Libraries are going out of their cocoon, to meet their public, to offer him more fun and culture. This is an example among others of library services “outside the walls”.
How to capture now customers? How to communicate about our roles with politics, with the public, etc.? How to meet our patrons? Cycling for libraries symbolizes the opening of library advocacy in France.

Daily Themes / Thématiques journalières

Jeudi 7 : Innovative uses for Library spaces/ Usages innovants en bibliothèque

Question of the day : Innovative uses for library spaces.
Sub-topics : What cooperation between digital makers and librarians ? why should we be concerned ? Do you have experiences to share ? At the University library or in public libraries ?

Source :
The Danish model : a new model for the library. The model consists of four overlapping rooms: Inspiration room, Learning room, Meeting room and the Performative room.
Les bibliothèques troisième lieu (in French)

Symbol : a Swiss knife

Vendredi 8 : Lifelong learning / Formation tout au long de la vie

Question of the day : Library as a learning place ? Share your best experiences in your libraries.
How do you manage the need for increased services ? What changes are you making to physical spaces ?

Source : The role of Public Libraries in Lifelong learning

Symbol : a diploma

Samedi 9 : Censorship in libraries / La censure en bibliothèque

Question of the day : Does censorship or surveillance occur in your libraries ? Moral, political, ideological, religious,…
Sub-topics : Prohibitions at the library : food, drink, phone. Restriction access : internet, popular litterature, banned books, etc

Source :
Élus et bibliothécaires aux prises avec la censure (in French)
Banned books week

Symbol : do-not-enter sign

Dimanche 10 : Library marketing / Marketing des bibliothèques

«In today’s complex information environment, we have a greater responsibility to communicate the resources and expertise our libraries and librarians provide, both on our campuses and in society.»
Question of the day : How do you market your libraries ?

Source :
(in French) Le marketing des bibliothèques
Management and marketing section (IFLA)

Symbol : Wi-fi icon

Lundi 11 : Digital inclusion e-inclusion – Social inclusion / inclusion numérique et sociale

Question of the day : How do you facilitate access to library services for the socially excluded? Who is left out of the information society in your countries, cities or regions?

Sources :
Written Declaration recognising the essential social role of public libraries :

Symbol : A door

Mardi 12 :

a) Free of charge / Gratuité

Question of the day : Free access to libraries ? In France, 80% of libraries are not free of charge. People pay to get their library card. Fees vary according to age, income, or adress…
sub-topic : (academic libraries) How to promote open access to research publications?

Source :
In French, «la gratuité ça paie»
Open access : a new paradigm for libraries and a new role for librarians

Symbol : 1 €uro

b) Green Libraries / Bibliothèques vertes

Question of the day : How green is your library ? Tell us about iniatives such as recycling, upcycling, sustainable building, energy efficiency, seed lending libraries, bicycle parking or storages !

Source :
How green is my library

Symbol : a tree

Mercredi 13 : When libraries close / Quand les bibliothèques ferment…

Question of the day : Do you experience library closings depending on budget, holidays, vacations, strikes, improvements…
Do you have restrictions for specific groups ?
Sub-topic : how do you annonce when you close the doors at the library ? No problem, the library stays open 24/24 ?

Symbol : a key

Jeudi 14 : A society without libraries / Une société sans bibliothèques

Question of the day : Could you imagine a society without libraries ? Or alternatives to libraries : crossbooking, street library, micro-library, library box, …
Sub-topics : a library without catalogue, a library without librarians, librarians without library

Source :
Thinking the unthinkable: a library without a catalogue — Reconsidering the future of discovery tools for Utrecht University library
Little free library