Coming Tours

Croatian cyclolibrarians to organize a five-day tour in 2022

Cycling for libraries Croatia 2022 – regional tour Zagreb-Rijeka! The event will be a part of the Rijeka city’s Capital of Culture year. It also will support the opening of festival within new cultural place in town – Brick House. The cycling tour itself will take place in a hilly part of Croatia (the worst part will be crossed by train). The plan is to ride it in five days – with a possibility of preconference day in Zagreb (visiting the libraries and the city). Check the poster!

Some of the past tours

Librarians are rolling their bikes in Romania (again!) This event is initiated and organized by a group of Romanian librarians with the support of: ANBPR (The National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania), ABR (The Romanian Library Association), and Progress Foundation.

Cycling for libraries Belgium – United We Bike!

From the country that supplies the world with beer, chocolate, waffles and surrealism: we bring you a four-day local tour (10–13 September 2017) in the East of Belgium. It’sBelgian to the core: co-created by librarians and library lovers from all three of the country’s official language communities. Communities that know each other very little and have separate media, culture and library policies. It will be an adventure in the best Cycling for Libraries tradition: an international bicycle unconference and library advocacy tour, crossing language borders and connecting different countries. We strive to bring together librarians from the Dutch, French and German speaking parts of Belgium, so they can get to know each other and share experiences with international colleagues. We are inspired by our country motto: ‘Unity makes strength’. We believe this to be true on many levels. Hence our motto for this tour: ‘United we bike’. Hop on your bikes and join us on this quadrilingual tour, celebrating language learning and mutual understanding! Registration for the full tour is now open. Single day participation following soon

What is Cycling for libraries?

Founded in 2011, the Cycling for libraries is an international cycling conference for librarians and library lovers. It aims to advocate libraries and increase awareness of the valuable services and resources that libraries offer to the community.

Passion for Libraries…?

In November 2013, the Cycling for libraries team with its members set up an international association to support Cycling for libraries tours as well as voluntary based library advocacy and library campaigns. The official name of the association is International Association for Library Advocacy, but it has also been called as “Voice for libraries” or “Passion for libraries” according to its mission.

They said about libraries

“An original idea. That can’t be too hard. The library must be full of them.”


“There is not such a cradle of democracy on earth as the Free Public Library, this republic of letters, where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest consideration.”


“I had no books at home. I started to frequent a public library in Lisbon. It was there, with no help except curiosity and the will to learn, that my taste for reading developed and was refined.”


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