I will be arriving prior to May 28. Where will we rendezvous? (That’s the extent of my French) and what hotels are nearby so that I can easily bring my stuff to the truck that will transport everything to the next stop?

Hi Bruce. On the morning of 28th of May we rendezvous at the Danish Royal Library, the building is called The Black Diamond (“Den Sorte Diamant”) and it’s easy to find, as you can see on this streetview/map -link. You can’t miss it! :)

For happenings before departure on 28th, we can arrange meetups on the mailinglist among us registrants. And then of course there’s the party on 27th, i hope we can get more information about it from our friends in Copenhagen and post here on the website about it at some point.

I wish I’ll be there !
Hopefully I have already registrated.

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